Illustration & Graphics
I can take your ideas for illustration and turn them into print ready materials. I can also help prepare labels, signs, and diagrams.

From a simple one page site to a full e-commerce site I can realise your ideas for a new site. Clean, functional, and intuitive is the basis for all of my website designs.

3D CAD Work
For many reasons it makes sense to develop parts and assemblies as early as possible in 3D- concepts can be presented in 3D, data can be made available for prototypes or visuals, and at the end of the project for most processes 3D data can be used to manufacture parts, ensuring the final product matches expectations.

Photorealistic Renderings
I can take your 3D data in many different formats and turn it into print ready artwork. When you have the data, but the product is not ready, photorealistic renderings can be made for promotional activities.

Concept to Manufacture
Whether you have an idea or a product that needs refinement, I can help to bring your product to market. From sketch development to material selection and CAD work, to sourcing of parts and production sites, I have experience of all aspects of product development. I can assemble a team of designers and suppliers to meet your needs and to help realise your goals in a shorter time frame.

Please contact me to discuss further.